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Industries We Service:

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Imperial Roller has been a family owned and operated company since 1992. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Federation of Independent Business. 




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FULL SERVICE MACHINE SHOP! Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Core Repair
  • Core Fabrication
  • Job shop type repair and machining
  • Design/Engineering
  • CNC Machining 
  • Welding

Offeringunsurpassed service  since 1992!

We manufacture elastomer covered metal cylinders. We specialize in recovering commercial printing, coating, and industrial rollers of all types. Our company stocks a wide variety of compounds and durometers that have been tested, tried and proven to be among the most efficient in the industry. 

​Quality Service Guaranteed 

Our Mission

We offer the highest quality of sincere and personalized work in the industry. We want to understand any problems you're having with your current rollers, find or even create a solution, and return you with a more durable, longer lasting product. 

  • ​Printing                                           Beverage
  • Packaging                                      Concrete
  • Box Board                                       Foil
  • Flexographic                                  Tissue Towell 
  • Glass                                               Steal
  • Film Packaging                                Paper
  • Vinyl Siding                                      Textiles
  • Wood                                                Blown Film
  • Leather                                              Mining
  • Conveyor